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Man Can’t Be Home for Christmas so Family Hosts a Surprise Early Holiday for Him

There were many tears.

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There are a lot of reasons we treasure our childhood holiday memories so much, but a big one was all of the family togetherness we experienced. Living under one roof meant that we spent every holiday with parents and siblings, and it also meant seeing extended family, like cousins, was much easier, too. After everyone grows up, moves away, and builds their own lives, it's harder than ever before to coordinate those holiday gatherings. 

This often means missing out on seeing family and participating in the holiday traditions you love, which can be really heartbreaking. But one man's family went above and beyond to make sure he was still included, sharing a video of their surprise on TikTok. 

Though the man was home on the east coast for Thanksgiving, living on the west coast meant that he wouldn't be able to return so soon afterward for Christmas. So his grandma (with the help of the rest of their family) made the decision to surprise him with a Christmas celebration at Thanksgiving.

The man's face was everything when his grandma made the big reveal. He tried to fight off the tears, but ultimately he couldn't help it. Every single gift under the tree was for him! 

There were hugs all around, and it looks like this was such a heartwarming moment for everyone who got to witness it. 

"The love that radiates from this family. What a beautiful thing," said one comment on the video. 

This video is a great reminder that what day you celebrate isn't as important as who you celebrate it with. That's what the holidays are all about!