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Mom Finally Gets Matching Outfits With Daughter Who’d Been Begging for Them and Her Reaction Is So Sweet

Clearly this was a bucket list thing for both of them.

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when something really means a lot to your child. Kids have whims and wants all the time; it's hard to know when their requests are just passing fancies or something that they've been really thinking about and wanting on a deeper level. In this video from @katkamalani, a little girl has been asking her mom to please get matching outfits with her. To a mom, that's a sweet request...but who knows how serious she really is about it, right? This little girl was very serious about doing matching outfits with her mom, as it turned out, so when her mom finally bought them matching dresses, she was beyond happy.


Awww, that hug! "I like you." If that's not just the sweetest reaction ever! It really meant something to this little girl to have matching looks with her mom, which is just so endearing. In just a few short years, this same girl might shudder at the idea of matching outfits with her mom, but for now, she couldn't be prouder. That's such a beautiful thing. "I was not expecting that to be emotional for me," wrote the mom, and you can totally imagine how the experience could just be so touching. Commenters couldn't handle how cute the whole thing was:
"You have just made your daughter day, she will NEVER forget this moment."
"Why do I have tears in my eyes?"
"Most wholesome thing I’ve seen all day"
"Many people talk about Dads and their daughters, but this shows that a child's bond is for both parents"
"Core memory successfully created"
One commenter even suggested that the mother and daughter only wear matching clothes from now on, and it kind of seems like a good idea, tbh.