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Only "Mean Mom" Can Keep Baby in His Highchair

Uh-oh, here she comes!

Why does it seem like one parent always has to be the bad guy? Kids figure out pretty quickly which parent means business when they say "no" and which parent actually means "maybe," and they're never afraid to pit parents against each other. But it is pretty funny to see how differently they react to different discipline tactics.

In this video from @jessicalynlee55, we see a mom threatening her toddler: If he doesn't sit down in his highchair, she's going to get "mean Mommy." Uh-oh! He doesn't seem all that upset at first, to be fair. But then...then he hears mean Mommy's voice.


Lookout! Not sure what makes mean Mommy so mean (probably just a louder, firmer voice), but this tot was ready to listen once he heard her say to sit down. Would there have been consequences if he hadn't cooperated and sat down in the highchair? Chances are he's never pushed it quite that far and doesn't actually know.

From the sound of what commenters had to say, there are plenty of "mean mom/nice mom" combos out there...
"That’s literally how my kids are. Mommy says no and they laugh, mama says no and they straighten up quick."
"She’s not mean just has an authority! Lol"
"I’m the mean momma! Mommy is the push over"
"He knows mama don’t play"
"He looked at you like, Bet."
"His little smile 'she’s bluffing' and then 'oh no she for real'"

The main thing is just that this little guy sat down safely in his high chair, of course, which he did. Even if it did take a little mean Mommy action.