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This Medicine Straw Hack Will Save You Hours of Fighting This Winter

A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do.

Now that we're in the thick of cold and flu season, there's a good chance that you're handing out medicines like Motrin at home a bit more often than you did over the summer. Some kids will take their medicine no problem, but many of them (especially toddlers and babies) are willing to fight to take care of it. Who among us hasn't ended up with some amount of purple Tylenol splattered on the wall? 

If you're tired of a straight up smackdown happening in your house when it's time for another dose, this hack that one dad shared on TikTok might be worth trying. All you need is the medicine in question and a Capri Sun juice pouch — two things that many parents have readily available. 

He stuck the straw through the front of the juice pouch, but instead of pushing it into the juice, he pushed it through the other side so that it ended up in the cup of medicine, which meant that when his child went to take a sip, he'd swallow the medicine instead. But from the front, it looked like a regular old Capri Sun with nothing amiss. Genius! 

This dad said that the hack, which he'd seen on TikTok before, worked "better than I expected," which is all we need to hear to know that it's worth trying.

Of course, some kiddos are going to instantly taste that medicine and know something is up... but others might just go with it. 

It doesn't always work forever, though. As one mom wrote in the comments, "I tried this. Now my kid hates Capri Sun now and has trust issues." LOL!

In the battle of kid vs. medicine, a hack like this certainly can't hurt.