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Granddaughter Flies Hundreds Of Miles to Surprise Grandpa At Memorial Baseball Game In Honor of Late Grandma

He was overcome with emotion.

Sometimes, you just have to get in your car and when a super special event is happening 500 miles away and you know it would mean everything in the world to your grandfather if you could be there. After all, some things only come around once in a lifetime, and a little travel is more than worth it.

In this video from @l.e.decker, a granddaughter drove 500 miles to be at a memorial baseball game for her late grandma, because she knew it would mean so much to her grandfather. From the reaction he had when he saw her, it's clear that she was right. 


"When papa cries, everyone cries." Aww! That sweet man was just completely overwhelmed by his emotions. After losing his wife, he no doubt needs his family more than ever. His granddaughter knew exactly what her grandpa needed, and made sure she was there for him in every way she could be. It's so sweet how long he just holds on to his granddaughter! He just doesn't want to let go. 

Commenters were so charmed by this darling old man, there were plenty of people who found themselves unexpectedly in tears:
"Too early for these allergies to be acting up. So sweet."
"7 am and I’m crying trying to get my kids ready for school. This is absolutely beautiful!"
"Aww so sweet. Papa has me in tears. Way to precious. It’s the little things in life that count."
"7:06 am here and I’m CRYYYYIINNGG, this is beautiful"
"Here I am once again crying for strangers"

It's pretty hard not to cry for Papa! That sweet old man deserves all the hugs in the world. So glad he has a supportive family who loves him. 

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