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Mama Shares Beautiful Reminder About “Messy” Houses

Your house is meant to be lived in.

If having a clean home is important to you, having kids can be super frustrating. Nothing ever stays clean or organized for more than a few minutes. Even if you spent half the day getting the house in order, one toddler can undo all that effort in the blink of an eye. It's a neverending cycle. 

That's why one mom is reminding other moms that having a clean house is not the ultimate goal of motherhood, having happy kids is the point. In a short video from @audreyjudith3. we're reminded that houses are "meant to be utilized, not displayed."


So true, and so hard to remember! It's easy to let the state of our house dictate the way we feel about ourselves, and there can be a lot of shame associated with having a messy house. 

"Having a mess may overwhelm us, cause us anxiety, but just know we are making memories with our babies that they’ll get to remember forever," the mom wrote. "We can clean all day and still end up with a messy home, it can’t be clean 24/7, but just know one day it will be. So just slow down and enjoy them now, no one is judging your messy home! Believe me, because we all got one too mama"

Commenters were totally on board with this way of thinking.
"Never thought of it this way! So true"
"loved in & dirty are not the same !! it’s fine to be messy"
"This this this!!! A house is made to be lived in!"
"i was literally crying an hour ago about this thank you i needed to hear this"
"Ugh makes me feel so much better"

It's a reminder we all need from time to time!