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Toddler Scares Bejesus Out Of Mom Doing the Dishes

Not gonna lie kid, that's creepy.

Before becoming parents, we imagine sharing sweet, sweet memories with our children... days at the park, bedtime stories, cuddling on the couch. And while that does happen, toddlers are more about stressing us out, causing destruction, and, every once in awhile, scaring us — sometimes even on purpose.

Just ask this mom on TikTok, who shared the latest way her tot came up with to scare the heck out of her while she was washing dishes. It would be wrong of us to spoil his method before you've had the chance to witness it yourself. This is really the last thing we would have expected when looking out the window to check on our kid while he's playing in the yard.


Yep, that's him, wearing a Michael Myers mask as if that's a normal thing to do! "I swear I thought he was playing on the swing," Mom wrote. And with "Somebody's Watching Me" as the background audio, this really is the perfect video. 

We can't blame her for being a little freaked out, because we'd totally feel the same way if one of our kids pulled that kind of scare on us. Where did he get that mask?!

People seemed to be loving it, though, including the kids' toy brand Little Tikes, who commented, "Not gonna lie, we’d kinda like to see Michael pushing the lawn mower or in the Cozy Coupe." 

Yeah, we'd like to see that too. Mom needs to post more videos of Michael playing ASAP!