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Mom Details the Horrifying Time Her In-Laws Didn’t Take Toddler to the Bathroom for 9 Hours

And they wonder why they aren’t allowed to babysit

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Some stories about what people go through with their in-laws are just so mind-blowing, your heart truly goes out to the parents. It's hard enough raising kids without people trying to interfere with your parenting or ignore your rules or, worst of all, put your child at harm.

The story from @hookercookie about what her in-laws did to her son is, as she puts it, one of those "straws that broke the camel's back" kind of things. When your child is in their grandparents' care, the least you can hope for is that their basic human needs will be met. But in this horrifying case, they couldn't even manage that. This woman's in-laws didn't take her 4-year-old to the bathroom...for 9 hours!

The most infuriating and confusing part is that these people couldn't understand why they weren't allowed to babysit again. After putting their grandchild's health at risk, they still didn't understand what the problem was. This seems to be a common theme with these in-law stories; a complete unwillingness to take responsibility for any wrongdoing. This mom deserves a ton of credit for standing up to them, and for even considering giving them a second chance now that she's pregnant again. Of course, things will be drastically different this time around. 

Many commenters had been through similar situations, and were proud of this mom for her strength.
"My MIL forgot to change my 1 yo diaper for 5 hours. Never babysat again. That was 43 years ago. You did right mama."
"um a peds told me if a child goes longer than 8 hours without bathroom it's a potential ER trip for, I wouldn't let them within 50 feet"
"As a grandma of a 5, 4 and 2 when I have mine my world is all about them!! I am grandma and they are spoiled, but I follow mom and dads rules."

This mom is setting a great example for other moms like her, and definitely doing right by her children!