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Mom Shares How She Hit the Jackpot With Her MIL

Now this is how you help a new mom out.

When you're a mom of small children, it goes without saying that you're in need of a little help. The only problem is, people often don't know how to help, and their efforts fall the friend who comes over to hold the baby when what you really need is somebody to help you clean or the sister who wants to catch up on all the details of your life as a mom when what you really need is somebody to let you take a nap.

Sometimes, though, you can get really lucky. Like @mom_of_hurds, who demonstrates in this video why she absolutely won the jackpot with her mother-in-law, who has cracked the code for the absolute best way to help a mother of small children. 


Genius! She shows up with coffee, gives the mom a little solo time to bond with the baby (which can be so tricky to find when you have another little one vying for your attention at all times), and then comes back with tacos..."can't think of anything better," wrote the mom, and neither can we! This mother-in-law is being so thoughtful, considering exactly what would make her daughter-in-law's day a little easier and happier. 

While unfortunately, not every commenter could claim the same kind of super helpful mothers-in-law, there were those who had great experiences too...and those who were just plain inspired by this creator's family:
"I love this for you!! Everything that I’m not getting as new mom, I’ll make sure to give when I’m a grandma and mother in law"
"I’m going to work so hard to remember what I appreciate as a new mom so I can be the best MIL one day!!!!"
"How incredible. And your kids are going to grow up seeing all of this empathy and support. That’s amazing."

Amazing indeed. MIL goals!

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