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MIL Shares Beautiful Way She Let Her Daughter In Law "In" From the Moment She Stepped Into Her Life

And there’s a lesson in that all future mother-in-laws should hear.

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Anyone who's been married before knows that in-law relationships can be complicated (to put it mildly). Some of us luck out and end up with a mother-in-law who ends up being a friend and another parent figure to us, while other MIL relationships can quickly turn toxic long before the wedding. It's not that we don't want to get along with our MIL — she's our partner's mother, our children's grandma! 

But knowing how difficult these relationships can be, seeing a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship finally going right is all the more special. And after seeing this sweet TikTok video, we think it should be required viewing for all future MILs from here on out. 

As this MIL explains in her video, this is the first holiday season after her son got married, and she decided to do something special to make his new wife feel included in the family's celebration. She asked her daughter-in-law to put the star on top of the Christmas tree because "as a mother I'd rather gain a daughter than lose a son." 

Now those are words that a lot of MILs out there need to hear! And judging by the smile on her DIL's face, it looks like the plan worked and she's feeling like part of the family. 

In the comments, some people lamented their bad relationships with their MILs, while others cheered this mama on. 

"I promise my children I’ll always accept and respect whom they chose to be with. Love them and treat them as my own," one likeminded mom wrote.

It can be an emotional, tricky time to navigate when your kids grow up and get married, but as this MIL put it — you're gaining another child to love, not losing one. We hope she always keeps this energy!

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