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Mama Who Is Missing Her Boy a Little Extra Gets Sweetest Surprise From MIL

All moms deserve a MIL like this.

Being a mom can be a really weird experience. No matter how much the kids are pushing your buttons and you're looking forward to bedtime or school drop off, you still miss them when they're gone. Who hasn't spent hours looking at photos and videos of their kid after they go to sleep at night? 

One mama knows what that feeling is like, and fortunately, she has a mother-in-law who gets it — not all of us are so lucky! While she was at work, this mom texted her MIL to tell her she's missing her son "a little extra" while he was at school and the MIL went above and beyond for her daughter-in-law on a hard day.


Even though Mama admitted she felt like she was "being crazy" for asking her MIL to tell her son his mom loves him for her, the MIL quickly reassured her that she wasn't, and then she sent back the sweetest audio from her boy.

"I love my mama. My mama is the best mama ever in the whole wide world," said the tiny voice in the message that her MIL sent after picking him up from school. 

How precious is that? She admitted in the caption that it made her cry, and we can totally see why. We have a feeling this little guy got some big hugs when he and his mom were reunited at the end of the day!

Everyone deserves an MIL like this. We're so glad she understood the assignment!