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"Military Kids" Who Are BFFs Get a Surprise Reunion

It’s so wholesome.

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Those who have experienced will tell you that there's a lot to love about growing up as a "military brat," but there are a few serious downsides, too. Being the child of someone who serves our country means spending a lot of time separated from their parent, often on big days that they wish they could celebrate together. Being a military kid can also mean moving frequently, constantly changing schools and being the "new kid." 

With all those childhood moves come a lot of hard goodbyes... and leaving good friends behind. But luckily, we live in a world where it's easier than ever to cross long distances in a short period of time, and that made the most adorable surprise possible in a TikTok video that's going viral. 

In the video, a mom shared that her son had really been missing his BFF after military life meant they had to move far away. He and his buddy had been FaceTiming every day for the over two years they'd been separated, but nothing can really replace seeing someone you love in person... so this mama helped her boy's BFF give him a surprise he will never forget.

His friend arrived at their house while the little boy was still sleeping, so he got to wake him up... and he was totally in shock to see his pal standing right there in front of him! They immediately hugged and even compared how tall they'd both gotten since the last time they'd seen each other. So cute. 

Commenters are loving this video, with more than one talking about how hard being a military kid can be from their own experience.

"It sure is weird growing up, but now I got friends in Germany, Washington, New York and California. Makes for good traveling in your 20s," one person wrote. 

We love that their bond has withstood the distance. These two will probably be friends for life!