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Mom Has Eye-Opening Realization For Parents Who Are Tired of Kids Being ‘Up Their Butts’

This is a great way to look at it.

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When it comes to parenting, a lot has changed in the last few decades. Kids went from being "seen and not heard" to becoming the center of their parents' worlds, and now, philosophies like gentle parenting are at the forefront of our minds as we figure out how to best prepare our children for adulthood in the future. While some of us might have been sent out to play with the neighbor kids until the street lights came on, many of us hesitate to let our own kids do the same, worrying for their safety.

Parenting is always going to evolve, but if you feel like the way things are right now has encouraged your children to become stage five clingers, listen up — this mom on TikTok is offering up a totally different perspective on the situation.


This millennial parent said that though she loves her kids so much, they're always around her, which can get to be a bit much. But even though kids being up our butts can be annoying, it also presented her with the realization that it means her kids want to be around her, which may not have been true about kids who were raised by boomer parents and are now adults.

“The fact that my kids want to be around me all the time is a pretty good sign,” she said. “Realizing how little time I wanted to spend with my parents as a kid has been really eye-opening for me.” 

She went on to say that though her kids are like her "shadows" — honestly, it could be worse! 

Next time we feel like we need a little more personal space than our kids are offering, we'll try to remember this video... but that doesn't mean that it isn't normal to feel touched out from time to time!