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Mama Sits In Front of Mirror and Asks Kids to Tell Her What They See and Their Responses Left Her Speechless

Kids always surprise us.

We never know how our kids really see us. As the person who cleans their room and packs their lunches? As that lady who's really tired all the time and nags you about homework and stuff? Believe it or not, your kids might see you in an entirely different light. A much more complementary one, at that.

This video from @kayeparkerofficial is the perfect example. This mom did the "mirror exercise" with her three children, where you look in the mirror with your children and ask them what they see. You might think you know how they'll respond, but their answers could surprise you.


Aww! So sweet! "Hope." "Kisses." "A kind heart." These kids see their mom for exactly who she is, even if she probably doesn't feel like she lives up to that perception all the time. It's such an important reminder for us as parents that our efforts are seen and appreciated, even if it doesn't feel like it a lot of the time. Kids are perceptive, and loving, and see us for who we are. And that's all they're asking for from us, too. 

Commenters absolutely loved this mirror exercise, and couldn't get overhow sweet these kids were to their mom...
"This might just be my favorite video on social media. This was so beautiful"
"proud of you baby. you're a fantastic example to your kids and the rest of us"
"children always see the best in everything wish people in general would be like that"
"This right here!! Im 34 weeks pregnant and feeling it, thank you for making this video to remind me how good it is!!"
"Well I’m just crying my eyes out over here. You are one amazing mama"

Kids see the important stuff. That's what we have to remember, especially on our hardest days.