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After a Hard Miscarriage, Woman’s Eldest Son Has Best Reaction to News His Mom’s Pregnant

And, he made a pretty insightful prediction.

It's hard enough to cope with a miscarriage or any kind of pregnancy loss, but it can also be hard when our children are grieving right along with us. If your child knew their mom was expecting before the loss, they likely already started to picture their future with a sibling in it, and it can be hard for them to fully understand how things like that can change. At the same time, sometimes, grieving as a family can bring everyone closer together.

As far as one mom on TikTok has shared, that seems to be exactly what happened when she had a difficult miscarriage that she didn't try to hide from her sons. And now that she's expecting again, her oldest son had the sweetest reaction to finding out that a rainbow baby was on the way.


In the video, we see her little boys sitting on the couch, finding out that they're both about to become big brothers. They received a card along with matching pajamas that included a tiny pair for the new baby to match along with them, and it quickly dawned on them what was going on.

Her youngest son was immediately excited, but her oldest son took a more insightful approach to responding to the news. "You know how last time she didn't make it? I think she's trying to get here," he said.

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Cue the tears! And this video was made even better by a clip of baby sister smiling now that she's here and in the world. So precious.

We love that this family has this moment on capture. Little sister was loved long before she arrived! 

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