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Person Brilliantly Explains Why It’s Unfair to Equate Mourning a Miscarriage to Being Anti-Abortion

They go off, and truly, it is so important to hear

There has been a lot of heated debate in the weeks since the Supreme Court handed down their decision on Roe v. Wade, leaving a lot of people who are pro-choice — parents included — worried about what the future might hold. And so many have decided to take to social media to share their thoughts on an issue that affects all of us.

One person named Phoebe shared a TikTok video explaining how they can be pro-choice and heartbroken over a miscarriage at the same time after they were (rather rudely) questioned for considering a fetus "a life without value," and it's something that everyone needs to hear. 


In the video, Phoebe explained that they and their partner, Morgan, "desperately wanted" the "blueberry" they were expecting, and the loss they went through was brutal, including bleeding for two weeks and a trip to the emergency room — something they described as their wife's "greatest fear." 

"That blueberry was the potential for life, and I and Morgan have greatly mourned that potential and the loss of that potential," Phoebe said. "No human being has the right to use another human being's body to live." 

They added, "I can still be pro-choice and have a tattoo about a clump of cells that I never got to meet ... those things aren't mutually exclusive." 

It sounds like Phoebe and Morgan went through something incredibly painful, and to have people question them about it is horrifying. But it's definitely not an argument against choice — if anything, it proves how important having healthcare services like abortion available to people going through something like this really is.