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Mischievous Toddler Teases Mom About Taking Diaper Off

Don't do it!

Toddlers can be so cheeky. And it's so cute when they are, because they think they're so sneaky and can get away with anything and it's truly adorable, except you have to try really hard not laugh at them because then they know they're not in trouble and all hope is lost. 

The toddler in this video from @sheisdnx knows he has the power. His diaper is unfastened and he knows all he has to do is rip it open and run away and tada, no more diaper! But will he do it?


As the mom wrote, it's always the second child who has this little wild streak. He knows what he's not supposed to do, but that might not matter in the face of how much fun it would be to go diaper-less. 

Commenters totally knew what this little guy was up to...
"He got that look like 'Ima do it anyways, cause that's just how I am.'" 
"He Said “Or What?"
"His face say “and what you gone do about it?"
"Explains why my little sis is such a amazing badass lol she inspires me lol"
"It’s the boys for me. My girls never gave me this much drama"
"Dang I thought it was just my 2nd child playing with me"
"The bandage on the foot tells you exactly how “adventurous” child #2 is"

Yeah, this one might keep mom on her toes. The good news is, he's really cute and super charismatic, so it'll be hard to stay mad at him for too long.