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Mom Praises “Miss Rachel” For Closing the Communication Gap Between Her and 14-Month Old

All the love for Miss Rachel is apparently very warranted.

Let it never be said that toddlers don't learn things from YouTube. If you're the parent of a little one currently, you're probably well acquainted with the toddler YouTube phenomenon Miss Rachel. Little ones love her with a deep devotion, the type seen in the past over characters like Elmo and people like Mister Rogers. But it turns out that parents can feel good about their little ones watching Miss Rachel, too, because she's helping them learn how to communicate (among other things).

In this video from @ollierose_, the mom explains that her 14-month-old is super obsessed with Miss Rachel, and always nods or shakes his head the way she does. He was having a bit of a grumpy morning, which is always tough with toddlers because they can't always articulate why. But when this mom asked her son if he was tired, she got a big Miss Rachel-style head nod, and then he went off to the bedroom to lie down. Communication unlocked, as the mom put it. 


So cool! Sometimes, when your kid is really into a show or character, the repetition can threaten your very sanity. But when you know that they're actually learning something, that can help make hearing those same songs over and over again worth it. Like in this case, the toddler is clearly picking up pre-verbal communication methods. And that's awesome!

Commenters joined in to sing the praises of Miss Rachel...
"Ms Rachel has literally changed the game."
"my kid said "more pancake please" this morning? unprompted? thanks miss Rachel!"
"'our lord and savior, miss Rachel'.... i lost it. and also whole-heartedly agree"
"Absolutely love Ms. Rachel. I have a speech delayed child, with speech and doing what she does. He’s talking so much more"
"I love Ms Rachel! 1 year speech therapy no progress 3 months into Ms. Rachel he’s trying to communicate!!!"
"Ms Rachel is literally why I have one of my sanity back. My nonverbal toddler is finally communicating."
"I could put on literally anything and my baby could care less… put on ms Rachel and instantly she puts on the biggest smile" 
"i thank goodness for Ms Rachel every day lol"

All hail Miss Rachel! There's a reason why her fans are so loyal.