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Here's How One Mom Made Her Baby's Cradle Cap Disappear

It's so satisfying to see

If you've ever had a baby with cradle cap, you know how frustrating it can be. First of all, there's the constant temptation to pick it off. (Which should be avoilded, but it's SO. HARD.) Then there are all the various home remedies out there, like rubbing olive oil all over your baby's head and then combing it out. It's supposed to lift up the little flakes of dry skin, but more often than not you just end up with a greasy-headed baby. But the mom in this video from @pi.elcanelaa has found a solution that really works: products from the brand FridaBaby (known for those snot-removal devices that went viral a few years back). The before and after is truly amazing. 


Look at that!! Not a speck of cradle cap to be found on that cute little head. She looks so happy! And that was quite a case of cradle cap, too. It's no surprise that both of the products used in the video, Frida's Oh Crap! Cradle Crap Flake Fixer Scalp Spray + Scalp Mask Duo and Dermafrida: The Flake Fixer device both get 5 stars. Apparently, they work to both soften up the flakes and lift them up off the scalp, with the spray/mask getting the scalp ready for the flake fixer. And it does seem incredibly effective. Of course, commenters had their own ideas to share:
"Just olive oil and it will be gone"
"So like I always put baby oil or lotion on my sons head and he never got that so I swear that’s what helped."
"A little almond oil and a baby soft brush to lift and remove."
"Selsun Blue just a small amount and comb it out"
Everybody always has to add their two cents, but at the end of the day, it's just important to find a remedy that works for you.