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Mom Learns Lesson To Always Believe Kids When They Claim They Saw ‘Sumptin’ the Hard Way

Bet she regrets not believing them now, huh?

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There comes a time in every parent’s life where they have to just admit it to themselves: They were wrong. Our kids spend a good majority of the BS-ing us, let’s be real. But the truth is sometimes those little nudges aren’t pulling our legs, and for every time that they have, the one time they are serious and you don’t believe them, you’ll regret it.

One mama of multiple little ones learned that they hard way. When her toddler said that he “saw sumptin” moving in their playroom, the mom didn’t think much of it, but she asked him to move the basket on the shelf anyway. It was then she realized her mistake.


The perfectly quiet playroom turned into total anarchy after the kid moves the basket on the shelving unit out of the way and a very speedy mouse runs out. Darting all over and eliciting screams from both kids and mom, she tried to follow it so she could capture it, but that zoomy little bugger was way too fast. 

In short, she certainly wasn’t expecting that.

“Every man for themselves at that point,” joked a follower, commenting on how mama ran out of the room. 

Though no one was judging her too harshly if she did do that.

“I would’ve gone into flight or fight mode and I would’ve left my kids right there I’m out.”

While this little guy isn’t all that dangerous, no one wants to think about mice crawling around the house. Next time perhaps she’ll approach this situation a little more cautiously when the kids try to warn her.