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Mom of Biracial Child Reenacts What It’s Like Every Day She Takes Daughter Out

People have a lot of nerve!

It's just unbelievable the things that perfect strangers feel comfortable saying to other perfect strangers, particularly after they've made an offensive assumption. Unfortunately, for some parents, their daily reality is filled with unsolicited, rude, and sometimes downright racist comments. @4thfreshesetmccurry made a video illustrating what happens to her, as the parent of biracial children, every day, telling viewers: "This is how you look when you question biracial parents." Unsurprisingly, it's not a good look. 


Her facial expressions are too hilarious. Unfortunately, this is truly no laughing matter. To guess that someone's child isn't really "theirs" based on the color of their skin is such a ridiculous assumption to make on so many levels, discounting the reality of mixed race families, adoptions, or any kind of family that doesn't fall into the absolute most traditional format: Mom, dad, kid(s), all of the same race. This mom deserves a lot of credit for having a sense of humor and actually trying to educate her audience about how ridiculous this kind of prejudice looks. If there's anything strangers should be commenting on here, it's how ridiculously adorable that baby is and nothing else. 

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