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Mom Shares Her List of Things She Won’t Tolerate From Strangers When It Comes to Her Kids

*Snaps for mama!*

Nobody warns us about this, but becoming parents means having to have a lot of uncomfortable conversations in order to demand the best for our kids — and a lot of the time, setting those boundaries even has to happen with our own family members. That doesn't mean it's not important, though.

One mom on TikTok is sharing the boundaries she's set for what she can tolerate from people who are around (or even talking about) her children, and we really have to applaud her. She gets major credit for looking out for her kids and their wellbeing like this! 


In the video, the mom is simulating a conversation with another adult (while playing both parts) and cuts her off when she tries to bring up several different topics: Weight, calling little boys "heartbreakers," what the kids are wearing... the list goes on and on.

Not only is this video helpful because it gives us ideas of scenarios we should be prepared for as parents, but also the language we need to respond to them in that situation, which sometimes can be hard for us to come up with on the spot ourselves.

Parents were grateful to her for bringing up these points in her videos. "I don't tell my kids to respect elders. I tell them to respect everyone AND how boundaries work, that theirs are valid and to be respected too," one wise parent commented.

Good for this mom for ending a cycle of language and behavior towards kids that never should have been acceptable in the first place.