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Mom Convinced Daughter and Dead Brother ‘Switched Places In Heaven” After Discovering She Has His Quirks

And honestly, it’s a little too similar to be coincidence.

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When life and death occur within a short time frame of each other, it can completely throw you for a loop. That’s especially true for those of us who bring new life into the world. Dealing with loss in direct contrast to literally giving life to a new being will likely do a number on one’s head. But sometimes when those huge life-changing events happen, we find comfort for the dark grief in the hope of the new to come.

One mom’s healing journey after losing her brother and gaining a daughter actually has her considering that the two met on some cosmic plane. Why? Well this video ought to explain it.


It isn’t too often that two kids are alike, as every single one has different wants and needs. But her brother and daughter share a really unique trait. When either of them were/are upset, holding them upside down with back support calmed them instantly.

“This is just one of many characteristics they share,” the mom wrote in her video caption.

Many people in the comments section didn’t even so much as disagree with the mom’s hunch. In fact, they backed up her theory with experiences of their own.

“My sister passed in 2014, my daughter was born 2016 identical to her. It’s like raising my sister all over again,” noted one follower. 

“I’m sometimes convinced that my youngest switched places with my great grandma in Heaven,” added another.

Finding comfort in the similarities between lost loved ones and newly loved ones has to be immensely comforting. Here’s to hoping that she embodies the best of him.