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Mom Finds Out Son Bullied Little Girl and Makes Him Apologize In a Sincere Way

She isn’t toleratinig any of that nonsense.

Parents spend a lot of time worrying about their kids getting bullied, but the truth is, we need to be just as concerned that they're not doing any bullying themselves. It's hard to see our kids as anything but innocent, but even generally sweet and good kids can be peer pressured into bad behavior. When @camclune found out from her son's teacher that he took part in the bullying of a new girl, she knew she had to put a stop to it right away. So she had him write an apology letter in his own words (she helped a bit with spelling) and then he read it to the girl  in front of the other kids. 


"I will not tolerate bullying, ESPECIALLY if my kid is involved on either side," she wrote. "I'm raising a man, end of story." I'm sure the little girl who was bullied felt a lot better after being apologized to in front of everybody, and maybe this boy's apology gave other kids a chance to say they were sorry, too (or at least maybe they'll stop bullying the girl from now on). It's really a big deal to take a stand like this boy did after doing something wrong, and he might have influenced a lot of his peers that day. 

Commenters were in complete approval of this parenting technique, and appreciative of the mom's efforts to raise a good boy.  
"From a mom of a little girl who gets bullied very often, thank you! I wish more moms were like you!"
"as a girl who was relentlessly bullied by boys for all 12 years of school, thank you for making him do this mama. it means the world to us girls."
"Accountability is so important!"
"Yes ma’am! I did the exact same thing to my daughter last year. I am raising my children to have respect for themselves and others"
"love that you didn’t write this off as “boys will be boys” or “he’s probably picking on her because he likes her” raising a good generation!"
"I'm a therapist who works with kids traumatized by bullying. If all parents were like you, I wouldn't have so many to work with. great job momma"

Here's to the next generation of non-bullies and the moms who are raising them!