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Mom ‘Calls Out’ Husband For Never Taking Any Pictures of Her With Relatable TikTok

Husbands: Listen up.

While this isn’t true for every household there is, it’s fair to say that a lot of times mom is the default parent. When it comes down to it, mom makes the decisions, the appointments, remembers the birthdays and prep the meals. It also typically means she is the one snapping pictures. Her camera roll is full of sweet candid moments between her kids and her partner, photos that will be cherished well into her child’s adulthood. Is it so much to hope our partners do the same for us?

Mama Rachel Woolsey on TikTok captured exactly how every mom feels about it with a funny parody video that’s simple relatable AF.


The mom captured on her own phone a sweet moment where she and her daughter were playing together in what one might describe as a “core memory” moment. She then pans to her daughter’s dad who is sitting there idly scrolling on his phone, definitely not taking the candid photos she’d be taking while they played.

Of course there are far worse offenses when it comes to the “wrongs” a partner could commit, but it’s still pretty hurtful knowing they can’t even think to do something can comes to natural to us. 

“I’m about to start carrying a tripod around everywhere,” joked one mom.

“I always have to ask my husband,” stated one mom. “It’s been 5 years, so he is just now starting to be aware and take them for me without me asking.”

Sheesh glad it only took 5 years...

Dads: Remember, mama wants her children to remember her too. She’s busy taking care of so much invisible work that it’d be nice to have at least some proof that she was a fun and engaging mom. Do better.