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Mom Has Genius Hack For Getting Kids to Spit Out Dangerous Things They Pop In Their Mouths

Parents: Remember this one.

Seeing your child in danger sets off an almost primal reaction. All we want to do is get out kids out of harms way. Under that kind of pressure moms and dads alike have been known to tackle some of the most unimaginable feats. But for as many wonderful heroic stories there are out there, there are just as many tragedies. What’s worse is a lot of them were preventable, if the parents had emergency care knowledge in their “back pockets.”

One mom has such a hack for parents who catch their kids putting something dangerous or risky in their mouths. She happened to catch her child do this whilst she was filming and luckily for all parents, it served as a must-know demonstration. 


In the short video we see the child trying to wiggle out of mom’s grasp after he pops something dangerous into his mouth. To get him to spit it out, something every parent and child has battled it out over, she simply plugs his nose, forcing him to open his mouth. Her quick thinking could had saved him from choking on a giant fruit gummy.

Parents in the comments added their own thoughts to this mom’s quick-thinking hack.

“I always make sure my toddlers head is facing down before fishing for it to avoid it going back into his throat,” advised one parent, who raises a really good point. 

Of course, there is a risk that the child could instinctively inhale and risk swallowing it, but the mom noted that she felt that her method was less risky than wrestling them to spit it out.

When it comes down to it, it is just imperative you get them to cooperate in anyway possible. All in all the best thing a parent can do is be certified in CPR to truly be prepared for any choking accidents.