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Mom Captures a Wild “Karen” Scolding Her for Not Putting Coat on Toddler

Lady: Mind. Ya. Business.

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There's nothing more aggravating than being a parent and have somebody question your parenting choices...especially when that person is clearly in the wrong and happens to be a perfect stranger whose opinion you most certainly did not solilcit. That's about as aggravating as it gets.

Unfortunately, that scenario is exactly the annoying nightmare that unfolded for @kuuipodawn. The mom was just dropping off some food at school for her sister, and she and her daughter were just out of the car for a minute. Just a dash and drop. So her daughter didn't put a coat on. (I bet she made a big deal about taking it off in the car because she was too hot, like kids always do.) Big deal! They were only going to be out of the car in the cold weather for a minute. But that was long enough for this stray "Karen" to zero in on the mom and start scolding.

Seriously, lady? Somebody needs to calm herself down, fast. And she was so nasty! It's not even like she came over and said something nicely, like "Oh, I just noticed your daughter doesn't have a coat on and she looks kind of cold" or something like that. She was openly unpleasant. There's just never an excuse for that. 

Commenters totally related to what this poor mom went through, with several applauding her for restraining herself and not responding to the intrusive woman in kind ("I didn't want my daughter watch me get in a fight," the mom wrote, wisely). That was some impressive restraint, though. There are plenty of moms who wouldn't have been able to stop themselves from snapping back!

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