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This Mom is Giving Parents Permission to Complain About Their Kids

We all have to vent sometimes.

No matter how much we love our kids, being a parent can be stressful and exhausting. Sure, it comes with the territory — and many of us knew exactly what we were getting into when we had kids in the first place — but it doesn't mean that we couldn't all benefit from a little vent session every once in awhile. 

However, we're well aware that online, complaining about our kids can get us a little side-eye from fellow parents, but that's where this funny mom comes in. Though her TikTok video definitely had us in the first half, as it turns out, she's on our side.


"I'm sorry, but if you're gonna complain about the kids you chose to birth..." she starts out, before taking things in the totally opposite direction, saying, "me too." 

This mom. She gets us! 

"I'm complaining with you. How do we cope?" she added with a fake giggle, panning over to her baby. Her child is an infant, so this lady is definitely in the thick of things right now! 

She's far from the only one who feels this way. Over 1,000 people commented on the video, many of them ready to commiserate. 

"You're not a parent if you don’t complain," one user wrote.

Another added, "If we don’t have anyone to vent to about our kids we would go crazy!!!"

Complain away, fellow parents. Being a mom isn't for the weak!