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Mom Has Daily Chat With Baby to Remind Her Where She Came From

Never forget, little one.

After you have a baby, you kind of walk around in a state of wonder and shock at first. Like, your body...made that? That whole entire baby came out of your belly? How did that actual child fit in there? And how did you manage to get it out? It just never ceases to be amazing, not for a long while. 

In this video from @mentalli_unwell, the mom has a conversation with her baby that she says is a daily chat, all about how the baby used to be in her tummy and now she's out. It's sort of a one-sided convo, to be fair, because the baby doesn't have much to offer besides an adorable smile. It still manages to be an interaction, though.


So cute! And so true. "Crazy talk, right?" It totally is. Those babies fit in there and we squish them out, and it's something they should probably be reminded of everyday, the way this mom is doing it. Keep them grateful!

From commenters' reactions, this mama isn't the only one talking to her baby about where she came from...
"I have this conversation with my baby at least once a week. It still blows my mind that I grew a human"
"I shout “I MADE you!!!” at my children all the time"
"And there you are”
"I do this to my twins too! I can’t believe I grew to humans and they both fit inside of me?? Doesn’t seem real lol"
"I thought I was the only one I show my pregnancy pictures to my 7 week old"
"Bahhaha we are all living the same life lol I have the same convo with my twins"

It's important they know where they come from, even if they don't understand a word you're saying. It's such an amazing story, it deserves a retelling every day.