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New Mom Bawls While Holding Son Imagining Them Dancing At His Wedding

And now we’re crying too.

As parents, our ultimate goal is to raise kids who turn into happy, healthy adults who feel capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Basically, we're preparing them to not need us anymore, which can be a little sad if we think about it too long. We'll be so proud to see what they accomplish in the future, but it's hard to see the days of their childhood slip away!

Imagining our kids growing up, moving out, and starting lives of their own can be really hard, as much as we hope their dreams come true. And as one mom on TikTok perfectly demonstrated, it's okay if these emotions get the better of you every once in awhile.


In the video, we see a mom bawling her eyes out while dancing with her infant son as her husband films them both. According to her caption, she and her baby boy were dancing to instrumental Disney music she found on Spotify when it hit her that one day, they'll be dancing like this at his wedding, and he'll be all grown up.

"How is my son already 6 months old now; half a year passed already? Time is going too fast and one day he won't be so little anymore and this mommy's heart can't take it," she wrote.

Oh, mama. We feel you — and so does just about every mother who ever existed. Her husband might be poking a little fun at her, but we've felt exactly what she feels. These babies really do grow up too fast! 

Still, she has plenty of years ahead to have fun and make memories with her boy before he's grown. Enjoy this time while it's here, mama!