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Little Girl Learns Mom Is Dating a Woman and Has the Best Reaction

Love is love.

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We've all heard plenty of parents stress out about having to "explain" relationships to their children, whether they're in the process of getting divorced, remarried, or somewhere in between. But we could always use a reminder that we as adults are the ones who make it complicated — all kids understand is love. 

One mom on TikTok shared what happened when she told her 6 year old daughter that she was dating a woman now, and though some people might have thought there would be some confusion, there absolutely wasn't. In fact, her reaction is definitely something you need to see for yourself.


Mom decided to break the news in a pretty creative way. She had her girlfriend, who was already part of her daughter's life, show her a TikTok video where they were kissing at the end. Her reaction was pretty priceless — she said "so you're married?" 

It just goes to show how simple kids keep things in their heads — kissing must mean you're married, after all! 

She even asked for permission to date her mom, which she granted, and the whole interaction ended with laughs and a hug. How sweet is that? 

The comments on the video were super supportive. "Very lucky child to have two caring adults in her life," one person wrote.

We'll second that. It looks like they'll all be pretty happy hanging out together!