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Mom and Toddler Girl Make Their Morning Coffee Together and It’s So Adorable

She is so into it.

Some parents wait a long time before they let their little ones try to do something like pour, but more and more parents are letting their babies get their hands dirty and help with things like cooking, even when they're super small and still likely to spill stuff all over the place. 

That's what the mom in this video from @dellanoyce is letting her baby girl do as they make their iced coffee. One assumes the baby won't be actually drinking her coffee, but that doesn't make it any less fun to put ice cubes in a glass. Or pour milk out...


Whoops! As expected, a bit of a mess. At least she got some of the milk in the cup...and all of the coffee! Which she naturally just wanted to drink straight up. It's true, the sooner they start learning how to do stuff, the sooner they start learning how to do it right. Parents just have to be a little extra patient...or a lot extra patient. 

Commenters thought the whole idea was fabulous. 
"spills the milk everywhere, doesn't spill a drop of the coffee. she knows what's important."
"What an incredible mom you are!!!!"
"The “wooooww” while watching the milk pour off the counter sent me lmao too cute!"
"The way she knows it’s okay to spill things in able to learn good job momma!!!"
"Awww she gave you her last ice she is so sweet"
"The “oooo” what an independent and caring queen being raised by another queen!! You’re doing amazing mama"

And of course, this little girl got the best reward ever for her efforts...shots of whipped cream straight into her mouth. Doesn't get better than that.