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After 7 Years Of Separation, Daughter Organizes Surprise Reunion With Mom and She’s Beyond Thrilled

That must have felt so good to give your baby a hug after all that time.

After spending what feels like a lifetime with your children, it's hard to be separated from them when they grow up and start their own lives. And as excited as they are about being independent, of course, they miss us, too. But that just means we appreciate the time we get to spend with them that much more. 

And once in awhile, that kind of separation does call for a pretty awesome surprise, like the one that is currently going viral on TikTok. A daughter reunited with her mom after seven years apart, and her mom definitely didn't see it coming, making for the best reaction ever.


After living in a different country from her family, she was finally able to go visit them in Chile. They didn't know she was coming, though, and she share their reactions in the video. First up was her mom, who came up the stairs and just saw her standing there. The look on her face tell us all we need to know about how much she missed her! 

We got to see clips of her reuniting with other members of her family in the video, too, and everyone was so shocked to find she had been able to make the trip.

"It still feels unreal being able to see my loved ones after all this time," the daughter wrote in the video, explaining that visa issues had kept them apart. 

It's impossibly hard to be away from someone you love for this long, but in the end, they were able to be back together again. We know she must have really treasured this time!