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People Have Mixed Opinions On How Mom Gets Toddler to Back Up From the Street

Was she being too mean or doing what needed to be done?

All parents are different, and so are the ways they raise their kids, but at the most basic level, we all just want them to be happy, safe, and healthy. However, the way we each choose to do that is something people have argued about (and will continue to argue about) forever. And thanks to the internet, that seems more obvious than ever.

One video on TikTok is causing a lot of parenting debate right now. At a time when gentle parenting is becoming more and more popular, a lot of people didn't like the unconventional way this mom kept her daughter from going into the street. 


In the video, we can see her daughter (who looks to be an older toddler) is standing next to the road while mom watches from in front of the house. At first, she calls out to her to get away from the street, but when that doesn't work, she takes a different approach. You'll have to watch the video to find out what she says, because we simply cannot do it justice in words alone.

Her tactic is unusual, but it worked (and, we'll admit, it was even a bit funny) — even though it did send her screaming in fear back up the driveway to her mama, which is what people are so upset about in the comments.

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"That's so cruel, great parenting," one person sarcastically wrote.

Others were quick to defend her. "If all else fails then you have to do what you have to do," one person said.

Safety comes first, and she did stay safe... even if she was a bit freaked out. Maybe it's okay to be afraid of the road where cars are driving at unpredictable speeds?

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