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Mom Drinks Her Own Breastmilk In Desperate Attempt to Get Rid Of Cold

The results have us mildly shook.

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The choice to breastfeed your babies can be a tough one, considering the sheer amount of work that goes into it for what feels like a long period of time. All of the hours spent nursing and pumping, dealing with infections like mastitis — it's hard to name all the hurdles breastfeeding moms have to jump through to make it work. But in the end, it's actually really cool to feed your children with milk made from your own body. 

Not to mention that when your child is sick, your breastmilk can change to help better support their immune system. Knowing this, one brave mom decided to do an experiment to see if it would work for adults, too, going somewhere that many moms wouldn't dare travel.

According to what this mom shared in her TikTok video, both she and her child were sick with a cold, but she noticed that her baby recovered quickly, while it was taking her a lot longer to kick the illness. 

As she wrote in her caption, desperate times call for desperate measures... and guessing that her breastmilk might have helped her baby get better faster, she decided to drink some herself to see if it would work for her, too. 

She decided to drink it on camera... in a wine glass, no less! She took a big sip, and shared that it tastes like almond milk, and was surprisingly sweet.

"I'm kind of grossed out at myself, but it doesn't taste bad... and I'm so desperate to not be sick anymore," she admitted. 

In an update, she did say that she felt better after drinking her breastmilk. Wait, what?! We're both impressed and mildly horrified at the same time.

If you're breastfeeding and sick, it might be worth trying. After all, it can't hurt!