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Mom-to-Be Reveals Secrets They Don't Tell You About Your First Trimester

They never tell you this stuff

Every trimester of pregnancy is challenging in its own way. In your third trimester, you're uncomfortable and you have heartburn and everything hurts; in your second trimester you're adjusting to your growing body and wanting to eat everything in sight. But what about that first trimester? Everybody knows about morning sickness, but there's a lot more to early pregnancy symptoms than nausea (even though that can be a very severe symptom). This video from @itsyaagirlkatelyn reveals those symptoms that nobody ever talks about just kind of have to discover them on your own. 


Aww, so totally relatable! She's queasy, she needs a nap, she doesn't want to eat anything, even her prenatal vitamins are making her want to puke, she gets random pains in her belly and's not the easiest time ever. Commenters found the video totally relatable, and were actually really thankful that she mentioned some of her symtpoms, like the cramps and stomach pains.
"First trimester I wanted no food but got nauseous if I didn’t eat food lol" 
"I felt so much better when you said random pains and cramps they freak me out" "The water thing totally threw me off! I used to looove water and then got pregnant and suddenly it tastes terrible"
"Omg thanks for putting the random cramps in here because I never heard of it before getting pregnant and no one talks about it"
Videos like this one are so great because there are always tons of first-time moms out there looking for comfort and wanting to know that everything happening to them is normal, and moms revealing the "secrets no one tells you" can be super reassuring. In fact, commenters were already asking her to make more of these videos!