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Dad Captures Mom’s First Time Leaving the Baby to Take a Much Needed Break and Every Mama Can Relate

We need a break so badly, and yet, leaving is hard.

Oh, the dilemma of motherhood! Moms of babies all have one thing in common: they're exhausted. And yet, nothing is harder than leaving your baby for the first time so you can take a much-needed break. Even when you're just leaving them with your partner for an hour or two so you can take a yoga class or have a cup of coffee by yourself or meet with a friend for a drink (imagine that!) or just take a nap. It's not that you don't think your partner is going to do a good job of taking care of the baby (even though you might be a little worried that they won't do everything the exact same way you would), it's just the thought of being separated from your little one for the first time ever. Not so long ago, that baby was inside of you! The poor emotional mom in this video from @nellesworld is going through this exact experience, and she's not having the easiest time saying goodbye. 


Awww, poor mama! It hurts so much. The most heartbreaking part is when she asks her partner, "you got this, right?" She knows he does, she just needs to be reassured for what was probably the millionth time. Commenters were super sympathetic, and also worried about the mom's sleep deprived state. "I understand mom we definitely need it u look tired," wrote one. "It’s hard leaving you baby with someone no matter how much you trust that person. They become a part of you," wrote another. "Mama you need sleep," wrote another. "I remember when my mom took care my daughter I went home and fell asleep it was hard I cry on the way home."
Thankfully, this mom has a super supportive husband so she can take a break for a little while without having to worry. .Every mom deserves one!

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