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Mom Posts Hysterically Relatable Torture of Making New Mom Friends

It’s definitely like dating.

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It's weird how becoming a mom can be such a socially isolating, lonely time. Suddenly, you have less time alone than you ever had before, and becoming touched out after holding a baby all day is a very real thing. But at the same time, you also have less time to socialize than ever before, especially if it means leaving the house — with or without your child. 

It can be a heartbreaking experience to watch cherished friendships change or fade away after having a baby, and what makes it even harder is how difficult it is to make new friends as a mom. But no one is alone in these feelings, and this mom on TikTok shares what it's like to try to meet new people in the most perfect way.

According to this mom's story, while chaperoning her daughter's field trip to the zoo the week before, she really hit it off with one of the other moms on the trip. She felt like they could be good friends, but was too awkward to ask for her phone number so they could keep in touch. 

But little did she know that, a few days later, her daughter would come home with an envelope from the other mom that contained a note that said, "will you be my friend? Text me yes or no," along with her phone number. How adorable is that?

This made such a huge impression on her, prompting her to ask, "can we normalize asking people to be our friends?" And honestly, yes — that would make everyone's lives so much easier! 

Moms in the comments on the video could definitely relate, with more than one of them writing that they wished this would happen to them. Same! 

Mom friendships are so hard to come by, but it really is as simple as reaching out to someone you think you'd get along with... even if it takes a bit of courage.