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Frustrated Mom Shares Moment She Nearly ‘Lost It’ On Her Kid and How She Stopped Herself

This is so vulnerable and so helpful.

I don’t care if you are if you are Buddha himself, mustering up the will to stay calm with a child is incredibly hard at times. When they blatantly don’t listen, or make a big mistake it takes a lot of self restraint to not freak out. Most would also note that freaking out, really isn’t much more than catharsis. It doesn’t benefit really anyone to lose it, but that doesn’t make it easy.

One mom, who was trying to film a different concept for TikTok, caught a moment she had to reel it in when her toddler spilled her coffee. 


We ll absolutely know that look. The mom takes a moment to deep breathe while her toddler tries to assess what happened.  She explains that she continued to breathe and regulate herself because she knew if she just responded, it would be unkind. And in her calm silence, something pretty incredible happened:

Her toddler came to the conclusion that he should say sorry for his mistake on his own, and do his best to clean it up with some help. 

“You know this really opened my eyes by not immediately reacting he was able to process what happened on his own,” wrote one impressed commenter.

“People seem to forget, as upset as you are, it’s just coffee, you can make more, but you can’t take back freaking out on your kid and redo it,” wrote another.

The concept behind this is called “gentle parenting,” where corrections are approached with calmness rather than screaming to make sure that the kid still knows they are loved even when mistakes happen. There are so many ways to gently parent, but we have to admit, this patience and kindness seems to be working great with her little man.