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Mom Posts the Most Relatable “GRWM” in History

Mama, you aren’t the only one who can’t get 5 seconds to brush their teeth.

Those who have been on YouTube for awhile — and now TikTok — know that the concept of the "Get Ready With Me" video is a popular one. At first, it was mostly beauty vloggers who would do their makeup for the day on camera while chatting about their lives or a particular topic with their viewers. Now, it's becoming more and more common that all kinds of people, moms included, are getting in on the trend.

But while most GRWM videos are about 20 minutes long and show someone doing their makeup and hair at a more relaxed pace, Moms out there know that kind of luxury is not often afforded to them. This Tiktok video that's going viral illustrates that fact perfectly

This stay at home mom wanted to share a peek at what getting ready looks like for her, and in the process, she shared an experience that mirrored what a lot of moms with small children are going through every morning! The video starts off strong with Mom trying to keep her baby from crawling onto the fireplace and taking a piece of dog food out of her mouth, and the rest of the video goes just how you'd expect from there. 

Since they're going to play outside in the snow, Mom decides against makeup, showing off the piles of clothes around her bedroom before getting dressed instead. There's a break for nursing her baby and some contemplation about how big her butt has gotten along the way, but eventually, everyone is dressed and makes it outside to build a snowman.

Yep, this is all looking pretty familiar to us. Like we said... taking your time getting ready in the morning is a thing of the past once the kids arrive.

We love her for sharing this slice of realness. Amid all those more glamorous GRWM videos, this is exactly what we needed to see!