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Instead of Taking Things Away As Punishment, Mom Does This (And Claims It Works)

Some call this “positive punishment.”

As parents, somehow we have to get a little creative with our discipline... and if you have the kind of kid who doesn't respond well to time out, this method of punishment might just be wild enough to work. After all, it seems to work for one mom on TikTok who isn't afraid to show the internet how she goes against the grain. 

This mom needed a punishment to give her son, but she also needed a little help. Instead of taking something away from him, she added something: The job of him going around the house and circling all the marks on the wall with a dry erase marker so that it would be easier for her find where she needed to repaint.


The kid got busy, and mom got a little assistance out of the whole deal — who can complain about that? According to some commenters, this is called "positive punishment", or encouraging kids to follow the rules and take care of their chores, or that list of chores is only going to get longer! 

Plenty of parents were impressed by this idea. "That’s actually brilliant because it’s redirects their anger/energy towards something helpful and honestly sounds kinda fun too," one person wrote. 

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"I used to scrub the baseboards — my mom kept a clean house 'cause we were horrible," another added.

A way to punish our kids while minimizing arguments and also getting a few things taken care of around the house? Yeah, we'll be trying this out.

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