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Hairdresser's Clever Trick Shows Why Regular Haircuts Should Be a Priority for Moms

Mamas if you want healthy hair, take time to get it cut.

Moms are notorious for back burnering themselves. Anything that isn't fairly filed underneath the "absolute priority" falls to the bottom of a CVS receipt length level to-do list. A lot of times, the first things moms let go of is the societal pressures of beauty standards. While we are all for sticking to the proverbial man, the truth is, basic self-care isn't a frivolity, it is a necessity.

One thing in particular moms are guilty of "letting go" is their hair. It can be straight up years before a mom will walk herself into a salon, even for a basic trim. But hairdresser @ilovemydo wanted to demonstrate just how irregular hair cuts can result in damaged hair. When the world health crisis started back in 2020, she wanted to demonstrate why during lockdown it was important to keeping hair freshly trimmed. So she grabbed some yarn and pulled together this incredible visual.


The video has recently resurfaced on the "For You Page" feed on TikTok and for good reason.

Using a poster board and yarn, the woman fed the fibre through a slit that represented the scalp and its growth. On the right, she marked off length measurements, with growth intervals at every two months, just like real human hair. On the left she showed what regular trimming does and on the right what happens when you let months of time go by between cuts. Every time the "hair" grew and was cut slightly at every 2 month mark, the yarn stayed together well. On the right, the yarn started unraveling with each growth, showing how hair splits from the bottom up, causing more damage and ultimately "lost length" when it is finally cut. 

So mamas: The salons are open. With all you do, you more than deserve to take a few moments to yourself for basic care. If you happen to stop at Target and sit in the parking lot with a Starbucks, scrolling your phone afterwards... we certainly won't tell on you.