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Mom Flabbergasted When Daughter Randomly Hands Her a Lock of Hair

It's like a rite of passage for most kids.

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There are a lot of reasons we try to avoid leaving our kids alone with scissors. Obviously, the biggest reason that it's dangerous, but another one that's high on the list is the fact that little kids like to use scissors to cut hair — whether that's a doll's hair, the dog's hair, or the hair that just so happens to be growing from their own heads. It's something that just about every kid does. The curiosity cannot be overcome! 

The time for this milestone to happen came for one mom on TikTok who definitely didn't expect it. In a video, she revealed that her daughter had presented her with a lock of blonde hair... and she had no idea where it had come from.


The mom was very clearly in a total panic as she tried to figure out if the hair came from her toddler or from a doll, even holding the lock of hair up to her daughter's hair as an experiment, and her daughter was totally unwilling to give her the answers she was looking for.

"Okay, I have a mystery to solve now," Mom concluded.

She's not the only parent who's been in this position — not by a long shot. Fellow parents left comments saying that their kids have done the same thing (and that they've cut their own hair as kids themselves, too). 

Kids are going to be kids... and luckily, if this is human hair we're talking about, it will definitely grow back.