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Hilarious Mom Gives Tours of Her House So ‘You Can Feel Better About Yours'

We appreciate the realness so much.

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Between social media and what we see on HGTV, it's easy to feel bad about our living spaces. Clean white walls, expensive-looking fixtures, and kitchens that are always sparkling and clutter-free all the time? Who wouldn't want to live that way? 

But the reality of the situation is that most of us aren't living in a clean, well decorated space — especially if we have kids! And now, there's one mom on TikTok who's setting out to remind people what "normal" houses look like by showing her off what her house looks like after a week where everyone was sick.


The woman walked around her house, sharing glimpses of the messes along the way to the camera and narrating her travels. Sure, there were dishes piled up, but it's nothing that most of us haven't seen before. 

"My counter looks like a pharmacy and for breakfast, they had three popsicles each!" Mom said, showing off her kitchen. "I keep looking at the dishes hoping they will do themselves. So far, they have not!" 

We have to laugh at her sarcasm... or are we laughing because this is all too familiar to us?

She even cracked a joke, asking for prayers for her husband who was currently incapacitated with the "man flu." Yep, plenty of us know what that's like! 

We have to give this mom props for laughing about it. Messes and sick kids are absolutely inevitable, especially when an illness takes the whole house out. There's no shame in that!