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Teen Gives Mom a Hug for the First Time In Years and Her Mama’s Face Says It All

After experiencing trauma, one girl has had a hard time hugging anyone, including her mom.

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A hug might seem like a simple gesture to most people, but for those who've been through trauma, sometimes any kind of physical action is just too overwhelming. It can be tough for people to understand, but it's absolutely crucial to give those in recovery the space they need to heal. This video from @kennedy.peets shows what happened when a teenager who hasn't hugged her mom in years finally goes for it...and the look on her mom's face is priceless.


Can you imagine the feeling of being voluntarily hugged by your child for the first time in years? It must be so difficult as a parent to keep your distance when all you want is to hold your kid in your arms and tell them everything is going to be okay. But as this video shows, if you respect their healing process and don't push them before they're ready, eventually they'll come to you. This might have been a quick hug, but it was still a huge step. And mom reacted just right. As one commenter put it: "I love how immediately she stopped what she was doing to get that hug from you and also that she let go when u did." A beautiful moment, to be sure.