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Mom Proves How Hyping Up Your Toddler is One of the Best Things You Can Do For Their Development

They're listening to everything we say.

Seasoned parents love to tell new parents that their kids are always watching and absorbing everything they say and do, and it's true — if you're looking for it, you'll always catch your child copying you. And one day, you may even hear your child speak and realize it's your voice coming out. They really are always paying attention to us, even when it feels like they're totally ignoring their parents.

One mom learned that lesson in a way that actually turned out to be really sweet. Her toddler daughter was playing and having trouble with her toy, and she encouraged herself while she did it because that's what she's seen her mom do for her.


"When she's struggling with something I usually say 'you've got it!' to encourage her. I didn't realize she was listening until she whispered it to herself while playing," Mom explained in a video she shared on TikTok.

In the footage, the little girl is trying to pick up a toy with a pair of tongs when we hear "you've got it," and you have to see the look on her mom's face — she's so proud! 

One commenter really summed it up perfectly, saying, "The words you speak to your child becomes their inner voice." That's important to remember next time we get frustrated with our toddlers! 

We're proud of the little girl for talking herself through a problem, but even prouder of this mom for teaching her such a positive lesson. Way to go mama!