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Mom Surprises Family With New Baby After Not Telling Anyone She Was Getting Induced

They never saw this phone call coming.

It's hard to surprise people with the birth of the baby, especially if you aren't Kylie Jenner. Most people are going to see family and friends, and it's hard to really hide a pregnancy once that second or third trimester comes around. But seeing when people do manage to pull off a surprise birth is usually enough to bring people to tears. It's so sweet! 

This mom managed to do just that. Sure, people in her life knew she was pregnant, but according to her caption, they had no idea she was being induced... until she started FaceTiming them so they could see her newborn baby. 


In the video, she called her friends, and the first thing they saw when they answered the phone was the baby's face. Their reaction was too cute! 

"Highly recommend not telling your friends you’ve gone into labor/ being induced!" the new mom wrote in her caption.

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Others who have been part of a surprise like this weighed in on how much they loved it in the comments. "My bestie woke me up at 6am FaceTiming me showing me her son and honestly it’s the best memory ever. He was due for another week or so. Best surprise," one user wrote.

As hard as it would be to keep this kind of a secret, seeing videos like this definitely make us think about it for the future. Is there a better surprise?! 

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