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Introverted Mom's 'Hack' for Keeping Tabs on Her Daughter's Playdates Has People Divided

Is it genius or crazy?

We want our little people to flourish. I's why we go to the park, take them to festivals, and even out to dinner: So they can learn how to function and interact in society. But when you're an introverted parent with and extroverted kid, these outings can be, well, hellish. As your kid flits around like the social butterfly they are, they tend to meet other kids that they'd like to see again. While you're of course so proud of them for putting themselves out there, the fact that you have to go up to parents and make small talk and get their numbers is extremely daunting. 

It's especially hard if you're a single mom, who doesn't want to be rude to any partners of their kid's potential playmate's parents. So one single mama came up with a hack that lets everyone win, but people have a lot of feelings about it. 


In a hysterical monolog, Tabitha Ryan (@tabryan) was tired of her very social daughter putting her in awkward situations. For what felt like the millionth time, her daughter made a new bestie at the playground so she told her mom to go his her new buddy's dad her number to set up a play day. Not understanding all of the nuances of adulthood, Ryan explained she felt weird just giving this man her number, worried it might look like a "set up," until she was struck by inspiration.

"I go to Etsy and for $3.99, I ordered her her own business cards," she said. " now if she feels inclined to have playdates she just passes out her business card like the little entrepreneur she is. And it says: 'If you wanna have a play date, just text my mom.'"

People had mixed reactions. Some agreed with the mom that it was a genius idea, and even noted that they do a version of this too but it also lists any allergies the kids have one them. Others were slightly horrified. 

"Fear unlocked: someone wants to meet up for play date and tries to steal my kid."

But Ryan says that as a real estate agent, he number is plastered all over the city anyway and the cards don't have identifying markers on them save for nin;s name and cell number.

So long as every one is safe, this is actually a great way to help kids confidently start interacting with others and forming relationships on their own.