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Mom Breaks Down Why “Mother’s Intuition” Is 100% Real

Don’t doubt yourself mama.

If you're a mom, there's a good chance you've experienced "mother's intuition" before. It's just a feeling you get about something involving your kids — whether it means you know a situation is going to be dangerous for them, or you can tell they're about to be sick, or you know they're lying to you. Sometimes, you're wrong... but when you're right, it's worth it.

Some people don't believe that mother's intuition is actually a real thing, but now, we have the data to back it up, thanks to one motherhood coach on TikTok. She shared the evidence that this kind of forethought is an actual thing, and it all has to do with the line of mothers that came before you.


She started off by showing a chart that goes 10 generations back, starting with you. Using that math, those 10 generations would include about 1,000 people, and out of that group, about 500 would be mothers. She pointed out that we know that things like DNA and trauma get passed down from generation to generation, but so do things like knowledge and healing.

"There's 511 women that live within your DNA, within your cells, and let's be real — hundreds of them were cycle breakers, improving, improving, improving," she said.

It's actually a really nice thought to believe that, as a mom today, we have those moms in our family who came before us, whether we met them or not, and in some way, the experiences they went through and lessons they learned are making us better moms now as we continue to add to the experiences ourselves.

You're part of a bigger world of moms out there, and that means that your mother's intuition has to come from somewhere, right? Trust yourself, mama. It's good to listen to that inner voice!