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Mom Forces Daughter to Take Responsibility for Destroying Library Book and She Learns a Big Lesson

We can’t just bail them out.

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There are so many reasons why taking your kids to the library is a great idea beyond just another way of getting them out of the house. Not only can everyone in the family check out books (and access all kinds of other services) for free, but it's a great opportunity to teach your children responsibility, too. After all, the books they take home are borrowed, and it's important to treat them with respect.

But what happens when our kids don't follow through? One mom on TikTok shared the way she handled the situation when her daughter destroyed a library book, and it seems like this is a lesson her child will remember for a long time. 

After her 5-year-old drew in her library book with a pen, instead of covering for her, Mom decided to turn this into a teachable moment. They purchased a new book for the library to replace the one that was destroyed, but it didn't end there. Mom had her child approach the front desk and tell the librarians what happened herself, along with an apology.

They practiced what she would say on the way there, and even though she was nervous, the little girl explained what happened and apologized, even promising she would never do it again.

"I have no doubt that she won’t make this same mistake again. She admitted her mistake, apologized, made it right, and learned her lesson," Mom wrote in the caption. "I was so proud of her. The librarian even let her keep the book she had drawn on since we had bought a replacement." 

Good for her for sticking to her guns on this. It sounds like her daughter won't forget it!